The ORIGEM yearbook has the objective of gathering references of the professional market of Government an Institutional Relations in Brazil, encompassing professionals of companies, sectoral associations, third sector, specialized consulting companies and law firms. The project is idealized by Consult-Master, LEC and VITTORE Partners (jointly, “Co-directors”), being sure that all those institutions are duly engaged with the defense of privacy and protection of data of all their employees, clients, partners, associates and users of their platforms.

Therefore, to make your experience with ORIGEM even more satisfying, we are committed to act according to the applicable laws and regulations of personal data protection and provide important information regarding the treatment of their personal data.


Purpose: the treatment of personal data will be done to fulfill a legit, specific, explicit and duly informed purpose.

Adequacy: the treatment of personal data will only be done if it is compatible with the informed purposes.

Need: treatment of personal data will be limited to the least necessary to achieve the intended goals.

Free access: easy and free access about the way and duration of treatment, as well as the integrity of personal data must be ensured.

Data quality: treated personal data will be precise, clear, relevant, and updated.

Transparency: information regarding the treatment of personal data will be of easy access, in addition to clear and precise, allowing one to know how data are treated, the purpose of the treatment, its way and duration, and to whom their data will be eventually shared.

Security: technical and administrative measures will be adopted to protect personal data from non authorized accesses or accidental or illegal situations, like distribution, alteration, or loss.

Accountability: measures able to prove observance and law fulfillment will be adopted, as well as the efficacy of these measures to protect personal data

Purpose of Personal Data Collection

We collect your personal to compose the ORIGEM Yearbook, which promotes an updated survey about the market, also indicating the most admired Government and Institutional Relations professionals of Brazil by their peers.

Personal data will be collected via completion of a questionnaire developed by our team and hated by “RD Station”. If your registration is qualified to participate of the survey, a form, hosted by “SurveyMonkey”, will be forwarded. We use these pieces of information to check the identity of the participant and regularity of their participation in the award; submission of material in eventual marketing action; fulfillment of legal order or even to respond a legal process, as well as protecting the rights, propriety, or safety of co-directors, our users and/or general public.


Data collection also happens automatically, like when you navigate our website, via cookies, as it will be explain later on.

Data Collected in the Form

When proceeding with the registration to participate in the Yearbook, the following data will be collected:

Full Name



In case they are selected to continue with the participation in the survey, the following will also be collected:



Information about professional journey (current place of work, current position, time of action in the area, information about government action, position of action in other companies);

Academic Background

Extracurricular courses

Affiliation to associations of class representation

Academic function

Proficiency in foreign languages

Current picture

To watch the broadcasting of the event, the following data will be collected

Full name


Data collected automatically

By visiting our website, we collect, via cookies, data like your IP address; the model of your device; your operational system; the type of browser you use and its respective e version; your geolocation settings and time zone; how much you spend in our websites and which type of content are more interesting to you.

We emphasize that cookies are small text files that a website or app can send so they can be stored in your browser are your device, acting like an identifier.

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation and use of the website, so they are necessary for you to have access to certain contents. Besides, cookies are used to measure the use of a website, like for example, the number of visitors and the duration of their visit.

There are necessary cookies, which are those that are indispensable for navigating the website and using the available resources, without which services cannot be accessed and provided; session cookies, which are the ones that help the participant in the navigation through the website, keeping track of their progression from page to page, so previously requested information are not requested again during your current visit; and persistent cookies, which store your preferences to current in successive visits.

Legal Basis

All operations of personal data treatment are done based on the Brazilian legislation of personal data protection, so there is a legal basis for our activities related to ORIGEM Yearbook to be developed.

The legal basis that is used is the consent, which comes from their authorization for Co-Directors to treat their personal data – this happens after receiving clear and explicit information about the types of data and specific purpose for the treatment of data. This happens when you fill out our form to participate in ORIGEM.

If you change your mind and wish to revoke your consent, get in touch with us at any moment, via our contact channels, and let us know about your decision. In all our advertising emails of the Yearbook you can also revoke your consent, just navigate to the end of the message and click on “cancel subscription”.

All your data treated exclusively under the legal basis of consent will be immediately excluded, except for the ones that need to be retained due to fulfillment of legal obligation or legal order and to defend the interests of Co-Directors in eventual legal or administrative measures.

Storage, Conservation and Elimination of Personal Data

The co-directors store, in national territory, data collected in third party servers, which meet the security standards established by the legislation of data protection.

Name, telephone and email of the participant will be stored for annual update of the data base of ORIGEM Yearbook. The update can happen based on the information provided by the Participant or before its request or also considering the available public database.

These data will be stored and kept for an annual update, so there is no voluntary exclusion of these data by co-directors.

All other received information in the survey will be compiled for the elaboration of the yearbook, and after its publishing, will be deleted.

In cased you are a Participant and wish to no longer be in the Yearbook, request the elimination of data directly to LEC, via, based on the article 19, of GDPR.

Data that has been published, including printed material, cannot be erased of altered. Thus, all data informed by the Participant or publicly available by the Participant will be of their sole responsibility.

Rights of Owners

You, under the condition of data owner, has various ensured rights by the Brazilian legislation. Let’s see:

Confirmation of existence: it is the right to confirm if we are handling your persona data or not.

Correction of incomplete data: you can get in touch in case your personal data are incomplete or incorrect and you wish to update them.

Access to data: it is about the right of accessing all information we have about you and request additional information about the purposes of data treatment, category of personal data, period of duration of the treatment, sharing of data and indication of organizations that eventually have had access to your data.

Anonymization, block and/or elimination of unnecessary or excessive data: it is about the right to request, in case one judges necessary, the verification of the database to ensure the elimination of unnecessary data, or even block and/or anonymization of these.

Portability: it is about the right to have your data sent to other service or product providers by request.

Elimination of treated personal data with the consent of the owner and revoke: as mentioned, the treatment of data for the Yearbook happens by consent, all your personal data will be excluded, except in cases which there is need of custody for the fulfillment of legal or regulatory obligation.

Information and Clarification about the negative consequences upon denial of consent: it is fundamental that you know that you are not obliged to provide your consent and the consequences of the denial for the desired service rendering.

The exercise of such right is free of charge. In case you make a request, our maximum deadline for an answer is fifteen days, from your request. However, for the correct fulfillment of you request, based on the legislation of personal data protection, we will take necessary measures to confirm your identity.

Security Measures

The co-directors and their partner companies adopt various measures to ensure the security of all data treated in their activities.

We use known technology which include firewalls, cryptography and access restriction, or whenever possible, we ensure pseudonymization or anonymization of personal data.

Sharing with third parties

As mentioned, personal data of participants of the Yearbook are collected and stored at “RD Station”and “SurveyMonkey”.

Treated personal data will be shared with third parties under specific circumstances with partners for the organization of the vent and formulation of the Yearbook, and with companies and auditing professionals.

Personal data can also be shared to respond a legal or arbitral suit, as well as to protect the rights, propriety or safety of co-dirfectors, Participants and/or general public.

We emphasize that our services and events are announced on third party websites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. It is important to remember that we are not responsible for the practices of privacy or content shared by other websites, reason why participants must be acquainted with the privacy policies of other websites.

Alterations on the Privacy Note

We can, at any time, make alterations on the present note.
When we make material alterations to the present Note, we will make a visible and adequate note according to the circumstances.

Therefore, it is fundamental that the Participant makes sure they are aware of any communication.

Contact Data

In case you have questions or wish to get in touch to exercise your rights, send an email to, or call +55 (11) 97699-4360.